Today's Everyday Fashion: The Leopard Coat

Leopard coat, black turtleneck, black heels
Leopard coat, black turtleneck, black heels
Leopard coat, black turtleneck
Leopard coat, black turtleneck, black flats
Inspiration: Bloomingdale's

Inspiration: Bloomingdale's


If I lived in a colder climate, a leopard coat would be a no-brainer for my closet. But as a Floridian, the occasions to wear one are few and far between! There will be the occasional nights when temperatures dip low enough, and there may be opportunities to wear one while traveling. For example, I've thought about bringing one to Europe for the northern leg of our trip, to wear with flats as pictured. I'm sure some would recommend sticking to basic colors if you don't have much use for coats, but "go big or go home" and the idea that you might as well wear a fun coat the few times you need one, also makes sense to me, too. Which type of coat would you choose?

Coat: H&M, $80 (similar below)
Sweater: J.Crew Factory, $36 (similar below)
Jeans: Stich Fix c/o
Heels: Saks OFF 5th c/o, $70 (similarsimilar)
Flats: Zara, $50 (similar below)
Purse: Marc Jacobs/Saks Off 5th, $288 (similarsimilar)
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Approx. dates: Both shoes are 1 year ago. Sweater and purse are 6 months ago. Jeans and coat are new.

Leopard coat, black turtleneck, strappy flats on a budget

Today's Everyday Fashion: Why I'm Confident

Pink sweater, pencil skirt, cobalt shoes
Pink sweater, pencil skirt, cobalt necklace
Pink sweater, pencil skirt, cobalt necklace
Pink sweater, pencil skirt, cobalt shoes

Sometimes while I'm getting ready in the morning I like to sing and dance to praise and worship. The other day I said to my husband, "I'm sure you've heard me singing (sarcasm because our neighbors can probably hear it). I just want you to know that I don't have any misguided plans to audition for The Voice or anything. I know my voice is pretty terrible, but it just feels so good to sing, and it makes me happy, so I do it!"

It occurred to me later that my confidence with fashion comes from the exact same place. You won't hear me say that I think I'm stylish, or that I'm a wonderful dresser, and I often post outfits here that I'm unsure about or questioning and yet... I would also say that I am completely confident when it comes to style! (Certainly you've got to have some confidence to be posting outfits online, and potentially even more so when you're not sure about them.) I don't give much thought to my ability or style skills. But I'm 100% confident in the joy it brings, or what I call the audacity to enjoy myself. The singing and the bold outfit wearing of the world is not just for an elite bunch, it's for all of us. And I think we may as well embrace the freedom to experiment with style, regardless of whether we're hitting the right notes every time or not!

Sweater: J.Crew Factory, $30 (similar below)
Skirt: J.Crew c/o thredUP, $40 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Steve Madden c/o (similar, similar, similar)
Purse: Aldo c/o Amazon, $40 (similarsimilar
Necklaces: My Stella & Dot One, Two
Approx. dates: Sweater and shoes are 2 years ago. Purse and skirt are 1 year ago.

Pink sweaters on a budget

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Faux fur trim coat, blush top, floral skirt, bow pumps
Blush pink top, INPINK jewelry

  Necklace, $32  /  Similar earrings, $24

INPINK necklace, blush top, floral skirt

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White cape blazer, INPINK jewelry

Necklace, $34  /  Part of Necklace, $32

White cape blazer, INPINK jewelry

Necklace, $32  /  Bracelets, $28 each

Black cut out dress, INPINK jewelry
Black cut out dress, INPINK jewelry

Bracelets, $28 each

Blush pink dress, INPINK earrings
Blush pink dress, INPINK earrings

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