Today's Everyday Fashion: The Trend That's Free

Neon pink cardigan, periwinkle shell
Neon pink cardigan, periwinkle shell, white jeans
Neon pink cardigan, periwinkle shell
Neon pink cardigan, periwinkle shell

I'm not even sure it qualifies as a trend, since it's been around as long as "preppy" has been a part of the English language, but tying a sweater around the 'ole shoulders is my favorite thing to do lately. And let me tell you why (as if I'd ever leave you wondering!!) - because in Florida layering is next to impossible, it's too hot! The whole sweater tying trend is a genius way to add another color or print to your look while keeping your arms nice and breezy. (I mean, this periwinkle shell is cute, but not nearly as cute as when it's paired with a neon pink sweater.) Also, this trend does not require you to buy anything, it's free! Simply grab whatever cardigan you've got lying around and tie it around your shoulders - and voila - you're done. Enjoy the free preppy trend and breezy arms this spring and summer; I know I will! 

Cardigan: Gap, $14 (similar below)
Shell: J.Crew Factory, $17
Jeans: Express, $37 (similarsimilar)
Sandals: Dolce Vita c/o Amazon, $33
Earrings: Kendra Scott c/o Amazon, $36
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff c/o Stein Mart, $149 (samesame)
Sunglasses: Foster Grant, $15 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Cardigan is 4 years ago. Jeans and earrings are 1 year ago. Purse is 6 months ago. Sandals were 4 years ago, but just replaced them. Shell is new. 

Colorful cardigans and shells on a budget

Today's Everyday Fashion: Rainbows for Life

Rainbow stripe sweater, yellow pants
Rainbow stripe sweater, yellow pants, blue heels
Rainbow stripe sweater, yellow pants
Rainbow stripe sweater, yellow pants, blue heels

There's something about a rainbow of colors that makes me want to jump for joy! Maybe it's nostalgia for my first rainbow sweater, which I thrifted in high school (below), or the Lisa Frank stickers I played with as a kid. But give me all the rainbow all the time, and I'll happily keep piling on bright colors - yellow pants, blue shoes, even an orange wall. The end result has a slight Bert & Ernie vibe (another childhood favorite), and all the cute rainbow items I found below have me seriously swooning. Rainbow then, rainbow now, rainbow for life!  

Top: J.Crew Factory, $40
Pants: LOFT, $42
Shoes: Nine West c/o Amazon, $66
Earrings: Kendra Scott c/o NM, $55 (same)
Purse: Calvin Klein/Saks Off Fifth, $130 (similarsimilar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 4 years ago. Earrings are 1 year ago. Pants and shoes are 6 months ago. Top is new.

Rocking the rainbow look circa 2000

Rainbow on a budget

Inflatable  /  Dress  /  Swimsuit  /  Top
Swimsuit  /  Tape dispenser  /  Socks  /  Dress  / Phone case
Halter  /  Camera  /  Skirt  /  Inflatable  /  Sunglasses

A Truly Fashionable Take On Fair Trade With Everlane

I've been straight up stalking the Everlane website for the past 6 months. I’m so intrigued by their chic, modern aesthetic, low, everyday prices for high-quality materials, as well as their promise of ethical fashion. (They practice “radical transparency” by revealing the true cost and markups to customers, and by building personal relationships with factories that make their designs.)

Which is precisely why I was over the moon when they got in touch about partnering together – I couldn’t wait to finally try it out! Everything was exactly as I hoped it would be: the fit was great, the quality of the materials was impressive. My favorites are the grey/white silk dress (pictured above – the perfect layering piece that can be worn so many different ways), as well their v-neck tees (not pictured, but will be wearing on repeat!), and the black crop top.

Literally all of the Everlane items in today’s post gets an A+ from me, though. Too often fair trade fashion is not very exciting and leaves something to be desired, but Everlane feels like a needle in the haystack – they have truly nailed both sides of the equation.

Have you tried Everlane yet? Which outfit or item is your favorite?

A truly fashionable take on fair trade - Everlane

Trench coat  /  Silk dress  /  Cotton pants  /  Sweater dress
Linen tee  /  Cotton top  /  Cotton top
Silk top  /  Linen top  /  Cotton hoodie

Today’s post is brought to you by Everlane and ShopStyle. All images, editorial decisions, and opinions are solely my own.