Today's Everyday Fashion: My Unique Spin on the Utility Trend


My spin on the utility (or safari) trend might be unique, but only in a social media world where new outfits seem to be obtained at lightning-fast speed. The rest of the world calls this normal: wearing trendy items with things you’ve already had in your closet for years. (5-12 years, in this case!) Unlike some would have you believe, this trend ever really goes out of style. And in general, I’m all for wearing what you like no matter what the trends say - and this is a type of outfit I can definitely get behind!

Which olive and khaki look do you like better?

Top: Banana Republic, old (similar, similar, similar)
Shorts: Forever 21, $23 (these run small - order a size or 2 up!)
Shoes: Express, $42 (similar, similar, similar)
Bag: H&M, $25 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Scarf: H&M, $15 (similar, similar)
Earrings: Jane, $10 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Top is 12 years ago. Shoes are last year. Bag is recent. Shorts and scarf are new.


Top: Francesca’s, $25
Pants: LOFT, $30 (similar below)
Shoes: Marc Fisher, $89 (similar, similar, similar)
Bag: H&M, $25 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Earrings: Jane, $10 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Pants are 5 years ago. Shoes are 2 years ago. Bag is recent. Top is new.

Today's Everyday Fashion: Blue Work Dress


There’s just something about this gorgeous blue dress! And $40? Take my money. I added a vintage brooch and white accessories to create an even stronger sense that I just stepped out of the 1960s (like my inspiration, Jackie O). Now the only thing missing - I think - is Spanx. The fabric on this dress is a bit less structured/thick than I would prefer it to be. I don’t have much experience with Spanx but I will give it a try with this dress and report back. If you have any tips, please share!

Dress: TJ Maxx, $40 (same, same)
Shoes: DSW, $50
Earrings: Kendra Scott (similar, similarsimilar, similar, similar)
Purse: Mud Pie, $13 (similar, similar, similar)
Brooch: vintage (similar below)
Approx. dates: Brooch is 8 years ago. Purse and earrings are 3 years ago. Shoes are recent. Dress is new.

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Linen Jumpsuit

Inspiration: NM Last Call ( Jacket  /  Dress )

Inspiration: NM Last Call (Jacket / Dress)


By far my most-loved and repeated dress last summer was this stripe linen dress. So when I spotted today’s similar jumpsuit - I couldn’t resist! I will style it with simple sandals and a straw or wooden bag as pictured, and I also added this new lace-up denim jacket. I bought it the minute I saw the inspiration photo - and then put together a similar concept with items in my closet!

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx, $25
Jacket: NM Last Call, $45
Shoes: Express, $42 (similar, similar, similar)
Purse: Jane, $29 (similarsimilar)
Earrings: Jane, $5 (similar)
Approx. dates: Shoes, purse, earrings are last year. Jumpsuit and jacket are new.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.36.49 PM.png

Today's Everyday Fashion: Comfy For the Win


This outfit renders the typical routine of “returns home, immediately changes into pajamas” completely unnecessary. Because it already feels like you are wearing pajamas! It’s really that soft, comfortable, and forgiving. I’m not sure when trendy things became comfy things, but I gotta tell you - I am here for it. I found this pair of stretchy pants in the post-Christmas sales (waited until it got warmer to photograph them), but lots of similar options for ya below. In today’s world, comfy pants rule (yoga pants I’m looking at you) and there are so many cute ways of wearing them!

Bodysuit: Nordstrom Rack, $13 (similar, similar, similar)
Pants: Express, $13 (same print as shorts)
Purse: Forever 21, $30 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Express, $42 (similar, similar, similar)
Earrings: Amazon, $10
Approx. dates: Bodysuit, purse, shoes and earrings are last year. Pants are new.