Cold Weather Style with Madden Girl for Kohl's


Have you seen the Madden Girl line at Kohl’s yet? Their adorable winter boots, coats and cold weather accessories (all under $100) have me itching to plan a ski vacation, stat! Complete with log cabin and lots of snow. Or go ice skating. Or hang out and take pictures at a local Christmas tree stand. (That last one we actually did.)

The weather cooperated for these photos so I was actually quite comfy. That’s not usually the case here in Florida though, so today’s post is dedicated to those of you living or traveling up north this winter and I will remain totally jealous that I don't have an excuse to wear these types of outfits. For a snowy landscape, I can’t think of a better place to grab some stylish, affordable gear to help keep you warm. Plus... use code NOV15 to take an additional 15% off through 11/27!

Which cold weather outfit do you like best?

ps. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!!

Madden Girl at Kohl's - under $100

Coat  /  Boots  /  Coat  /  Boots
Scarf  /  Boots  /  Vest  /  Boots
Vest  /  Slippers  /  Scarf  /  Boots
Gloves  /  Earmuffs  /  Hat

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20 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Nonprofit Crossroads Corral in Longwood, FL
Nonprofit Crossroads Corral in Longwood, FL

Today's photos were taken at a place near and dear to my heart, Crossroads Corral! It's a nonprofit that my amazing friend Lindsay started with a colleague 9 months ago. She quit her job, earned her Certification for Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy, filled the barn with 7 horses (including 1 mini named Moose!) and now spends her time providing free equine events, seminars and therapy for youth, veterans, women and families. 

Watching Lindsay's passion in action over the last 9 months has been nothing short of inspiring!! Crossroads Corral is a beautiful backdrop for photos, but it's also the reason I'm feeling EXTRA inspired to give back this holiday season. JJ and I came up with this list below - our goal is to do at least 15 of these before the end of the year!

20 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

1. Deliver baked goods or candies to your neighbors or local fire station.
2. Visit homeless people in your community - bring them socks, scarves or coats.
3. Bless your waiter, waitress or another service provider with a big tip.
4. Identify a family or two in your community who had a hard year. Leave an envelope of money on their doorstep - ring the doorbell - and run!
5. Call or pay a visit to someone elderly in your community or family.
6. Donate non-perishable food items to a food bank.
7. Run an errand for a busy mom or someone who is ill.
8. Leave cheerful post-it notes in a public bathroom or on someone's car.
9. Send an email or social media post to encourage someone who inspires you.
10. Sponsor a child in a third world country.
11. Donate blood.
12. Volunteer to feed the homeless at your local soup kitchen.
13. Participate in a "Giving Tree" where you select a child and buy them holiday gifts.
14. Regift any gift cards that have gone unused all year to someone who really needs it.
15. Gather unused clothing and household items and donate them to your local Goodwill.
16. Pay for the person behind you in line at a coffee shop or drive thru.
17. Make a charitable donation to your favorite cause, or ask family members to do the same in lieu of holiday gifts for you.
18. Donate your time to a local charity.
19. Make Christmas cards and drop them off at a children's hospital.
20. Attend a holiday event or gala where ticket sales benefit a charity.

*Bonus challenge: invite friends, family and children to join you in completing this list.... and to do them year round, not just during the holidays! 

I would love to hear your suggestions on things to add to our list, as well as stories of things you've done in the past. #4 is my personal favorite - I surprised two families that I don't know two years ago on Christmas Day and it's still one of my favorite memories. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and stories below! I'm so excited to spread some holiday cheer!! 

Nonprofit Crossroads Corral in Longwood, FL
Nonprofit Crossroads Corral in Longwood, FL

Top: Old Navy, $17 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Jeans: H&M, $32 (similar, similar)
Belt: H&M, $20
Boots: Michael Kors/Macy's, $225 (samesimilar)
Purse: Michael Kors/Macy's, $220
Necklaces: My Stella & Dot 1, 2
Approx. dates: Belt is 8 years ago. Jeans and top are 3 years ago. Boots are 1 year ago. Purse is recent.

Photos by my husband. Shot on location at Crossroads Corral.

Introducing JCPenney's BELLE + SKY

Belle + Sky pale pink top and black coulottes
Belle + Sky pale pink top and coulottes
Belle + Sky perforated midi skirt
Belle + Sky perforated midi skirt

When JCPenney first got in touch about their exclusive clothing line BELLE + SKY, my initial reaction was to go check out what BELLE + SKY was. My next reaction – these clothes are adorable!! This clothing line is so much my style, it feels like I designed it myself. Prices run $17.99-$59.99 for most items, and I’m featuring three of my favorites in today’s post.

The first look (above) is a pale pink crop top with black culottes. That’s right – culottes! A clothing item that recently popped back up on the scene as a huge trend. The high-rise and wide leg feels so fresh and modern, especially paired with the pale pink crop top and a statement necklace. I would wear this to both the office and at night out to dinner – talk about versatile!

The next item is the perforated midi skirt. I’ve been admiring a designer version of this skirt that’s way out of my budget. This one from BELLE + SKY is only $19.99! I’m wearing the size Small and it fits perfectly – plenty of room and the dual length (shorter underneath) is so much fun for a night out paired with my favorite leather jacket.

I also can’t go without mentioning the BELLE + SKY jeans below. One of the best pairs of skinny jeans under $30 that I’ve ever tried on, I’ll be wearing them on the blog soon!

Even more BELLE + SKY favorites below - have you tried this clothing line yet?

Under $60: Belle + Sky clothing line

Jeans  /  Coat  /  Coat, Top  /  Top
Top  /  Jacket  /  Top  /  Top
Skirt  /  Dress  /  Top  /  Sweater

Today’s post is brought to you by JCPenney and ShopStyle. All images, editorial decisions, and opinions are solely my own.