Today's Everyday Fashion: Poolside

Geometric pool cover up
Tassel beach bag
Tassel beach bag
Geometric swim cover up

About a year ago someone asked me what my favorite outfit of all time is. I said "Probably a white v-neck t-shirt and jeans." JJ overheard us talking and chimed in, "That's not your favorite outfit! A bathing suit is." I gotta hand it to him, he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. I would live in the water all day long if you let me, and I love everything that comes with it - the swim suit, the coverup, sunglasses, etc. What outfit makes you feel most in your element?   

Coverup: E's Closet c/o, $42
Bag: Anthropologie, $56 (same)
Sunglasses: Ross c/o, $5 (similar)
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Approx. dates: Everything is from the last few months.

Sunglasses under $40

Today's Everyday Fashion: Fall Preview


Fashion is funny. We're nowhere near the end of sumer but "fall fashion" is already in full effect. I always try to resist it, but inevitably I start craving fall clothes well before fall actually arrives. Today's look is something I'm planning to wear for fall, and I think all of the items I'm wearing will be favorites this year. Time will tell though, I've still got plenty of summer fashion left in me to finish out the next couple months! Are you still in summer mode or are you already craving fall fashion?

Top: LOFT, $27
Skirt: Bloomingdale's c/o, $68
Purse: My Stella & Dot
Shoes: Charles David c/o DNA Footwear
Necklace: My Stella & Dot
Cuff: My Stella & Dot
Approx. dates: Top is 3 years ago. Shoes are 1 year ago. Skirt, necklace and purse are new.

Today's Everyday Fashion: Bloomingdale's on a Budget

Bloomingdale's top, $23
Bloomingdale's skirt, $58

Gosh I love Bloomingdale's. It's a beautiful department store that carries some amazing brands. It is, however, one of those stores that sometimes feels like it's out of my budget. Which is silly because they carry tons of great things under $100. Take for example this brand "Aqua" that I've been seeing in my online searches lately (I feature it a LOT on the blog). It's exclusive to Bloomingdale's and everything is really budget friendly. So when Bloomingdale's reached out to do a post this summer (my first time working with them, yay!), and I had my choice of anything on their site, I went immediately to Aqua because it's a brand I've been dying to try. 

My first choice was this striped crop top with a neoprene midi skirt. The top is paired with a tight mini skirt on their website, but I wanted to balance out the tighter top with a voluminous bottom. I love this overall outfit concept, but it's the first time I've ever tried it so I'm so uncertain about the proportions here. The skirt may be slightly too big for my frame? I'm undecided!

Bloomingdale's dress, $57

Next up is a bright blue dress. The pattern immediately caught my eye; it reminds me of the ocean and white coral and makes me want to go snorkeling! It looked short on the model on the website but I always assume things will be longer on me since I'm not model height. It's definitely a bit short on me though. Thankfully it's designed to be a loose fit (I'll go short but not when it's tight) and the material is stretchy so sitting down is a breeze and doesn't mean a bare bottom on your chair. Verdict: I'm planning to wear it for my birthday dinner!

Bloomingdale's dress, $98

My third pick is this hot pink little number. The shape is fabulous, the color is fabulous and the length is better. I'm afraid this one is a little too small for me though (you can see it pulling across my ribs, and around the arm holes) so it's going back. I can't wait to shop the Aqua section at my local store to see what I can exchange it for. (ps. I also got this black skirt, which is in my outfit post tomorrow!) 

Some more of my favorite Aqua picks are below. They definitely have a boho vibe going that I love, as well as more polished pieces, and more than a thousand items to choose from. Check out Aqua here and let me know if you've ever tried it and what you thought!

Under $100

Dress  /  Dress  /  Top  /  Romper
Dress  /  Dress  /  Dress  /  Dress
Dress  /  Dress  /  Dress  /  Romper

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