Today's Everyday Fashion: The Tiered Dress

H&M chiffon tiered dress
H&M tiered dress
H&M dark gray boho dress
H&M dress with Stella & Dot jewlery

To really complete this look, I need a half-up messy braid in my hair. I love the bohemian-meets-lingerie vibe, it reminds me of so many Free People dresses I love (see options below, all but one are Free People brand). I also love the versatility of this dress. You could wear it with flat sandals to a festival, with a heels to a wedding (similar to how I've styled it), or with boots and tights in the winter with the ruffled hem peeking out below your coat.  Would you wear this style of dress?

Dress: H&M, $36 (used 10% off coupon)
Necklaces: My Stella & Dot, My Stella & Dot
Shoes: ShoeDazzle c/o, $50 (similarsimilar)
Purse: Limited, $15 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 2 years ago. Shoes are last spring. Dress is new.

Boho and lace dresses under $100

Today's Everyday Fashion: Coats & Boots Under $100

Coats under $100

H&M  /  H&M  /  JCPenney
H&M  /  Forever 21  /  H&M
H&M  /  H&M  /  H&M

I can't seem to kick this illness. I've been sick (sore throat/fever) for going on 7 weeks; it feels a lot like mono. I missed 4 days of posts last month and I'm afraid I'm struggling again with keeping up. One thing I have been able to do this week is online browsing, so today I'm sharing some coats & boots under $100 to kick off the official start of fall. 

First up are some coat favorites. Not surprisingly, most are from H&M. When I lived in Boston I bought almost all my spring/fall coats there. Not the same as winter coats, of course, which is a time in Boston when fashion is purely about survival. My winter coat looked like I wrapped my entire body in a down comforter (not so cute), but thankfully spring/fall allowed for cute coats like the ones pictured above. I also found some great deals on boots under $100, below. What types of coats and/or boots are on your shopping wish list for fall?

Boots under $100

Today's Everyday Fashion: Budget Update

J. Crew  /  Forever 21  /  Forever 21  /  Ann Taylor
BR Outlet  /  TJ Maxx  /  J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory

Here's everything I bought since my last budget post in July! These items should look familiar - they've all been featured in outfit posts. :-)

1. J.Crew, $35 - One of my favorite scores of all time. I walked into the store and it was marked down to $35, no coupon. (At least one FB reader said they got it for less than I did though, lucky!) It's still $119 on the website.
2. Forever 21, $23 - My new favorite swim cover-up, that I may also try to wear as a shirt thanks to your suggestions.
3. Forever 21, $24 - Looks like it came from a boutique, but half the price. Score!
4. Ann Taylor, $18 - I got this awesome price with a coupon code online. I wasn't sure how much I'd wear these but I'm already finding them a great addition to my closet!
5. BR Outlet, $10 - The kind of tank top you'll find me wearing around the house or to run errands.
6. TJ Maxx, $13 - A boho print I couldn't pass up.
7. J.Crew Factory, $24 - J.Crew Factory slayed me with their adorable shorts this summer. I ordered these online with a coupon code.
8. J.Crew Factory, $24 - More cute shorts from the same online order.

Banana Republic  /  H&M  /  H&M
Vince Camuto  /  Michael Kors

Here's everything I bought on my impromptu shopping trip yesterday. None of these have been featured on the blog yet. 99% sure I'm keeping everything but there's always a chance something will go back!

1. Banana dress, $30 - All sale items were 50% off in the store yesterday, so it was marked down to $50. Then I used a $20 reward that was about to expire, to bring the price to $30.
2. H&M dress, $36 - I used a 10% off coupon I found in the dressing room (I texted to sign up for the newsletter and they texted the coupon back). They had this dress paired with a military jacket and boots on the mannequin and I loved it. I also may try it with fancy shoes for a wedding.
3. H&M top, $9 - Also 10% off. This top has a long/loose fit on the bottom and I can see tons of layering potential with it this fall. 
4. Vince Camuto, $112 - A new cognac purse! The hunt finally ends!! Purchased at Macy's but they offered to price match the Vince Camuto website. This price is a steal with the extra 25% off coupon code FRIENDS right now.
5. Michael Kors wristlet, $38 - Used the rest of my c/o ShopStyle gift card to buy this, with the VIP discount for 20% off (code VIP). It was time to replace my current wallet/wristlet from Christmas 5 years ago.

Clothing Budget Example

Links to budget posts in chart:    22 Feb  /  29 Mar  /  26 May  /  2 Jul

My clothing budget is $250 per month. I treat it like an allowance, so on the first of each month I deposit that $250 into an account. I currently have a balance of $666 in unspent clothing budget for the year. There are many different ways to budget, for my best tips and tricks see "How to Set a Clothing Budget."