Today's Everyday Fashion: Flats

Inspiration: BFA via Bazaar

Inspiration: BFA via Bazaar

Blush pink top with H&M striped skirt and white boat mocs

My outfit did not wind up being very similar to my inspiration, but I took "light pink, navy stripes and flat shoes" and ran with it. I wore this same skirt with similar shoes for sightseeing in Europe several years ago. If heels aren't your thing for any reason (height, injury, comfort during sightseeing), I don't think that excludes you from wearing dressy fabrics, full skirts or just having fun with fashion in general. Heels may be the more natural choice with this outfit, but flat shoes keep it from feeling too fussy and make it more comfortable! I shared more striped skirts to try with flats below.

Top: Express, $19 (similar, similar)
Skirt: H&M, $30
Shoes: Minnetonka c/o DNA Footwear, $53 (similar)
Purse: Calvin Klein/Macy's, $130 (similarsimilar)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot
Earrings: My Stella & Dot
Sunglasses: Call It Spring c/o, $12
Approx. dates: Skirt is 4 years ago. Purse and top are 1  year ago. Shoes are this summer.

Striped skirts under $100

Today's Everyday Fashion: Rocker Chic

Inspiration: InStyle

Inspiration: InStyle

Concert tee with gray jeans and lace up heels

I normally reserve rocker chic looks for colder months, so today I'm mixing it up! A concert look or a night out in warm weather. (This combo last week with camo and leather could also work.) More ideas below for achieving this type of look. What's your vote for rocker chic: only in the cold months, all seasons or never?

Top: Forever 21, $16
Jeans: Gap, $30 (similar, similar)
Shoes: ShoeMint, $75 (sold out - similarsimilarsimilar)
Purse: Michael Kors, $270 (same, same, same)
Sunglasses: Call It Spring c/o, $12
Approx. dates: Jeans are 4 years ago. Purse is 2 years ago. Top and shoes are 1 year ago.

Rock trend on a budget

Today's Everyday Fashion: Waves & Gowns

Yellow top with floral skirt and mint purse
Canary yellow top with floral skirt and mint purse

I'm so thankful to have my wavy hair back! I cut 4 inches off a month ago and the waves came springing back to life! (To achieve this look, I put this mousse in it and let it air dry.) I've been growing it out to donate since October, but I caved and had to take some off this summer. The weight was making the waves MIA, and I couldn't take another day of heat processing in the heat. My new plan is to make the chop after the wedding this spring, before it gets hot again. I also broke my more than year-long streak of not putting any dye in my hair by adding a few scattered highlights. As for my outfit, this is my second attempt with this floral skirt and I like today's look even better than the first outfit

Top: LOFT, $25 (similar, similarsimilar)
Skirt: Amazon, $34 (sold out - dress version, similarsimilar)
Shoes: Nine West/DSW, $17 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Purse: Forever 21, $18 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot
Sunglasses: Call It Spring c/o, $12
Approx. dates: Top and shoes are 2 years ago. Skirt and purse are this summer.

Gowns under $150

Revolve  /  ASOS  /  ASOS  /  ASOS  /  ASOS
ASOS  /  House of Fraser  /  Missguided  /  Nordstrom  /  ASOS

"I was wondering if you could do a segment on formal dresses under $150? I want my gown to reflect classic sophistication, but I'm having trouble finding anything classy - and floor length - in my price range." - Jacquelyn

Here are some under $150 options for Jacquelyn and anyone looking for a floor length gown for upcoming weddings or events! I'm especially loving the floral and cobalt options!