If it were up to me, I would be independently wealthy and refuse to take a single dollar in advertising money. :-) However, that's not the case so I'm always figuring out ways to balance presenting you (my readers) with interesting, relevant content and keeping myself afloat financially. These are my current policies:

  • My banner ads are either direct arrangements with companies, or ad networks where I earn a small amount of money based on the # of views that I receive.
  • I use PPC affiliate programs, which means I earn $ every time someone clicks a link. I do not earn commission on your purchases though - and I prefer it that way! I'm not selling anything or have any vested interest in you buying something. The only links that do earn commission on are  Stella & Dot. I really appreciate you shopping using my links though, since it's no added cost for you, and helps me keep J's Everyday Fashion going.
  • I sometimes receive items as gifts from companies and these are clearly marked as "c/o" (courtesy of) on the blog. I turn down free items 99% of the time, because I like to keep these free items at a reasonable amount (no more than a couple hundred dollars a month). I also won't accept items that are out of my price range, or I wouldn't buy with my own money. The opinions and reviews I include with these products (such as "I love this necklace") are honest, and are never done at the request of a company. 
  • All paid posts are clearly disclosed as paid within the post. Giveaways, for example, are generally paid sponsorships. 

Why do I partner with companies? Because partnerships create interesting content that I think you guys would enjoy reading! And because at the end of the day a girl has gotta eat. :-) If you see an ad or something on my blog that rubs you the wrong way, please let me know! I'm all about being open and honest, and creating a fun, non-shady environment where we can talk fashion.

For further reading, please refer to the FTC’s ruling on blogger disclosure: FTC Rules on Sponsored Conversations 
Note: the same disclosure applies to any Facebook page posts or tweets (@JsEverydayFash).