Today's Everyday Fashion: Blue on Blue


Kickin’ it old school today with a catalog-inspired re-creation! When I spotted the catalog photo (below) I realized I already had all the elements to create this blue x 4 (the pants are navy) outfit. I especially like how the top half turned out - this could be cute paired with white jeans, too. And/or you could switch out the sandals for white sneakers. Overall mixing all these different blues and textures is a pretty fun idea!

Jacket: J.Crew Factory, $51 (similarsimilar)
Top: LOFT, $22 (similar, similar)
Pants: Gap, $28 (similar, similar)
Earrings: Amazon, $10
Sandals: Dolce Vita/Amazon, $33 (same)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/Stein Mart, $149 (same)
Approx. dates: Pants and shoes are 4 years ago. Top, purse and jacket are 2 years ago. Earrings are 1 year ago.

 Inspiration:  J.Crew

Inspiration: J.Crew


Today's Everyday Fashion: Pretty Things With Bows


Is there anything better than a shirt with a big ‘ole bow?! This one in particular is a great mix between fun and professional. It works with jeans, but I’m also planning to wear it with a beige pencil skirt and red dress pants. It’s got great reviews online, and also comes in blue. And while I love the shoes I’m wearing in these photos, the shorter ones below just arrived and are SO comfy. It’s bows on bows for days!

Top: Amazon c/o, $28 (also comes in blue!)
Jeans: Levi's/Amazons, $37
Shoes: Betsey Johnson/Ross, $38 (samesamesamesame)
Purse: Aldo/Amazon, $40 (similar)
Earrings: Jane, $5 (similar)
Approx. dates: Shoes and purse are 3 years ago. Jeans are 1 year ago. Top is new.


Shop ‘em here.

Today's Everyday Fashion: Another Idea For This Skirt


This skirt is still in stock! And it’s pretty much my favorite thing in my closet right now, so I wanted to share another way to wear it. With all those colorful stripes, there is so much potential for mixing and matching. A blush pink moto jacket with a white t-shirt and sneaks is another idea I’d like to try. But really the possibilities are endless! Love every color in this rainbow!

Skirt: Forever 21, $20 (similar)
Top: LOFT, $24 (similar, similar)
Jacket: J.Crew Factory, $51 (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Jane, $24 (similar, similar)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/Stein Mart, $149 (same)
Earrings: Jane, $5 (similar)
Approx. dates: Jacket, purse are 2 years ago. Top is 1 year ago. Skirt and shoes are recent.

 My Inspiration, on left!

My Inspiration, on left!


Today's Everyday Fashion: What Was I Thinking?

 Inspiration:  Talbots

Inspiration: Talbots


In the first photo, I’m trying to work up the nerve to put on this wool jacket, because it was 95 degrees outside! I’ve had lots of requests lately for more work outfits, and naturally a wool jacket worn two ways is what I gravitated towards and wanted to share this week. (LOL) These two outfits would certainly be appropriate for many fall climates in other parts in the country so weather aside, these were fun to put together. If I ever need something prim and proper, I will definitely reach for one of these looks in my closet. Which do you like best?

Jacket: J.Crew/thredUP, $58 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Top: J.Crew Factory, $40 (similar, similar, fair trade)
Skirt: Limited, $25 (similar, similar, plus)
Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross, $25 (similarsimilar)
Purse: Aldo/Amazon, $40 (similar)
Necklace: Stella & Dot, old (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Skirt is 10 years ago. Top, purse, shoes are 4 years ago. Jacket is thrifted last year.

 Inspiration:  ModCloth

Inspiration: ModCloth


Jacket: J.Crew/thredUP, $58 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Top: TJ Maxx, $15 (similar, plus)
Skirt: Limited, $35 (similar, plus)
Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross, $25 (similarsimilar)
Purse: Aldo/Amazon, $40 (similar)
Approx. dates: Skirt is 8 years ago. Top is 6 years ago. Shoes, purse are 4 years ago. Jacket is thrifted last year.