Some of the deepest questions of women’s hearts are about beauty: an innate desire to decorate ourselves and our surroundings, and the struggle to feel beautiful. But these desires are often in direct conflict with values and beliefs that tell us fashion (or any form of creativity) is frivolous and vain, and may actually be a sin.

Jeanette Johnson, founder of popular style blog J’s Everyday Fashion, shares her personal journey and the stories of other women, examining how we can best explore our quest for beauty while still honoring our faith and personal values and being responsible consumers. Jeanette delves into topics that many women grapple with: Is fashion selfish? Is it necessary? Does it dishonor our faith? With an in-depth look at issues like healthy self-esteem, modesty, and how fashion fits into the big picture, Jeanette offers practical, thoughtful insight, guiding every woman to conquer her fashion guilt and achieve “personal style with purpose.”

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Johnson, founder of the style and fashion blog J’s Everyday Fashion, melds fashion and faith in this sweet memoir. Johnson’s goal is to show readers the value of creativity and beauty in personal life, making an impassioned argument for feeling good in your own skin in order to bring happiness into the world at large. Johnson’s Christian faith is a robust one and she skillfully weaves faith issues and scriptural lessons together. Her section on modesty is a highlight, as she picks apart the need to be both confident and humble—a tricky balance. She also writes eloquently on the perils of overvaluing money and ways to be a responsible fashion consumer. Johnson is an uplifting guide, constantly encouraging her female readers to find their own personal styles and make them work within their lifestyles and budgets. To help with this, she offers practical tips such as writing out a clothing budget to reduce stress and relieve guilt. Johnson, who admits to once being ashamed of her love of fashion, succeeds in her aim to set other Christian women free from false guilt stemming from a natural desire for beauty and self-affirmation. (Oct.)

- Publishers Weekly


Johnson has been delighting followers of her blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, since 2010 with her tips for recreating outfits inexpensively. Here, in her first book, she tells readers how she came to love looking stylish. For a woman from a conservative Christian background and from a family of little means, her nascent love of color and pattern created a tension. Why should one care about clothing and style when there is so much hunger, poverty, and terror in the world? This is the question Johnson attempts to answer by examining what scripture has to say. This book is surprising in its depth, moving beyond Bible verses to theological reflection on art and beauty and their place in daily life. Rather than living by a list of do’s and don’ts, Johnson looks at the motivations one might have for denying beauty. Turns out, it’s not far removed from overindulgence. She also looks at the fashion industry and how our desire for cheap clothes is a problem. A welcome exploration of fashion and faith.

— Joan Curbow


It’s what’s on the inside that counts. But the outside matters too.
Jeanette Johnson talks about everyday fashion and everyday faith.

Not having an eye for creating art and beauty, I am so grateful for the help Jeanette is to me each day with her creative, fun examples of what to wear. I get ideas every day.

She leads us through her journey to discover God’s view of beauty: He loves it. He made the intricate loveliness of flowers and fish and creatures, and the majestic  grandeur of mountains. The color splashed across the sky sunset after sunset takes my breath away.

He described in detail the art and beauty of the temple that was to be His dwelling place.  And now that we—His rescued and adopted children—are his dwelling place, beauty matters as well.

I believe Jeanette’s story of her own inadequacies and imperfections will free you to accept and love who God made you to be—and to make the outside as lovely as the inside. This book is honest and freeing and fun. I loved it—I think you will also.

- Judy Douglass, Director of Women's Resources | CRU: Campus Crusade for Christ

J's vulnerability in this book is refreshing. I love all of her and her friends' real life stories. I could relate to several. J taught me a lot through her book as well as challenged me in my fashion and faith.

- Whitney Miller, Season 1 Winner MasterChef & Cookbook Author

Jeanette Johnson's book is the first I've ever read about the intersection of faith and fashion.  

It is personal, thoughtful and will challenge the status quo.  Whatever your perspective on faith or fashion, this book will cause you to think differently about the clothes you wear.

- Justin Johnson, Lead Pastor | One Church Park District