Comment and Disclosure Policies

Comment Policy

J’s Everyday Fashion is a website that provides free fashion advice and inspiration. The focus of this website is on YOU and helping you achieve your personal style. So while we cannot guarantee that you will love every outfit that is posted, we ask that you please keep negative comments to yourself. Before you get upset, please read on to learn how we define “negative comments.” (Hint: they are not the same thing as having different opinions about fashion, those are more than welcome!)

It’s an interesting phenomenon that takes place on the Internet. People seem to be willing to say things to one another that they would never, ever say to a person’s face. So, the one and only rule for this site is: before you share your opinion, please ask yourself: “Would I go up to a friend and say this to them?” If the answer is “no,” then please do not post your comment. Simply move along with your day and keep your negativity to yourself. This is, after all, an open, but POSITIVE fashion community. We do not approve of tabloids ripping on celebrity outfits and we do not approve of that kind of negativity here. (Please note that this policy applies to ALL photos posted – including fan photos on the Facebook page. Bullying will not be tolerated.)

Some examples of what you could/should say:
“I would wear it like this instead”
“I like the outfit, but not the shoes”
“That trend/clothing item is not for me”

Some examples of what you should NOT say:
“Those are elf shoes”
“I hate this outfit”
“Your hair is a mess” (I’m not a hairstylist, let's focus on the fashion.)
“Your pose is ridiculous” (I’m not a model and I hate being in front of the camera, let's focus on the fashion.)
"You are too tan" (Let's maybe leave race out of this and focus on the fashion.)

See the difference? I hope so. Because if you post a comment from group two, I will delete it. Thanks for reading. ☺

Disclosure Policy

As a lover of all things fashion, I sometimes review products, retailers and events, not only for my own research, but to share my opinions with my readers. They are just that — opinions. Most of the time, I do these reviews of my own accord.

From time to time, though, companies will offer me products free of cost. Whenever I wear a product that was provided to me, I will make it clear in the post by indicating that it was "c/o company name" and will often link to the company itself. The items that I feature were selected by me from what that company has to offer and the opinions and reviews I include with these products (such as "I love this necklace") are honest, and are never done at the request of a company. I will not accept an item that I do not like, I wouldn't buy with my own money, or that I don't think my readers (you guys!) would be interested in. Why do I partner with companies? Because I think the partnerships create interesting content that I think you guys would enjoy reading! (otherwise I won't post it)

Questions? Please e-mail me ( or refer to the FTC’s ruling on blogger disclosure: FTC Rules on Sponsored Conversations

Please note: the same disclosure applies to any Facebook page posts or tweets I make (@JEvrydayFashion)