My First Vintage Shopping Trip

Yesterday afternoon's vintage shopping trip was a tour of Orlando's best in used and vintage clothing. Take a look below at where we went and what we found!

1. Dechoes
I'm told there are several locations of this great store, we went to the one on Colonial. This place is a mix of consignment and vintage clothing, and overall really wearable stuff. I found these hot pink silk shorts by Diane von Furstenberg (!!!) for $19.99. They turned out to be too small for me, but it certainly would have been the deal of a lifetime!

2. Deja Vu
This store is FULL of amazing things to look at. Everything is at least 30 years old (my best guess) and everything, darling, is fabulous. We found tons of pieces that would make great 70's costumes, some great outfits if I ever decide to become a figure-skater and for everyday life - lots of wearable jewelry. Ashley tried on the "Sound of Music meets Mexico" dress below, and I picked my favorite two pieces - the shiny pink dress would be perfect for a costume party and I LOVED the sequin shell, it was just too big for me. We left with one treasure - a vintage watch for Ashley. Cute place though, I would definitely go back! ps. Check out Ashley's sunglasses in the last pic - how cute is she?!

3. Pink No. 5
The third vintage place was closed. :-( So, Ashley took me to a boutique in Orlando that I had never heard of: Pink No. 5. This cute pink building is full of consignment and new clothing, perfect for the fashionista in all of us! I even spotted some Dior shoes for $90 that would have made me feel very Carrie Bradshaw. Another great store to frequent!