Stella Luca makeover!

Ashley was the winner of the Stella Luca and J's Everyday Fashion makeover giveaway! Last Saturday we met up to redeem her prize - $250 in clothes from Stella Luca with yours truly as her personal sylist. Check out what she got, and you can read her winning entry here.

Green and white striped dress (left), $89 (perfect for Saturday errands, or with heels for a dinner date)
Gray tank top (right), $38 (love this tank top for a mom on the go like Ashley - it's basic enough to wear anywhere, but definitely not lacking in style!)

Animal print dress (left), $58 (a great night time look for her upcoming cruise!)
Black sheath (right), $30 on sale (a classic black sheath that can be dressed up for church or date night alike)

From left to right: Joy from Stella Luca, Ashley the contest winner, and lil ole me. Joy and Ashley are both in dresses and shoes from Stella Luca. You can read all about my outfit here.