The winner of the $250 makeover giveaway is.....

Ashley!!! Ashley's entry was chosen at random, but she sure sounds like a deserving winner to me. :-) Here's what she had to say:

I am entering the contest for makeover @ Stella Luca because it's definitely needed!! I am a single mother of a 10 year old...full time Labor & Delivery RN..full time retail rep @ Bashful Bliss..part time sales at 31 gifts ( I have 62 girls under me)..trying to workout, date my boyfriend Kurt in Indiana, volunteering with the homeless, chauffer, cook, volunteer in son's class, know it!  I'm constantly on the go...can't say no....spreading myself WAY too thin!  I would love to find something to wear other than scrubs, jeans & tee and pj's!!  Thanks for opportunity!

ps. The pic is me finally having my first glass of wine in about 6 months!!  woo woo!!

Congrats Ashley!!