Spend "A Day with J"

I have an announcement as big as this pumpkin...

When I started J's Everyday Fashion in May, I had one simple goal: to share my shopping and styling tips with other women on a budget. It's now four months and two weeks later, and I have been inspired by your emails, your style questions and comments, and I have a new mission statement that I am really excited to share with you!

If you are a woman with an average income and you need style help - where do you go? 99% of what you see in fashion magazines isn't practical and quite frankly, is too expensive. All the style books I've seen are elusive and seem aimed at people who already have great style. Hiring a stylist is an option, but that will set you back a couple hundred dollars out of an already small clothes budget (mine is $250/month, no way am I willing to share any of it with a "stylist"!). I have been floored by the number of women that want and need help, and by the lack of practical fashion advice that is available to them. This has lead to my new personal mission statement: to help as many of you as possible in a REAL way.

Starting next week, I will be offering free personal shopping sessions - I'm calling it " A Day with J." I will be doing 1-2 of these each week over the next couple months while I'm looking for a new marketing job (my full-time job ends Friday), continuing to blog, and working on some other, bigger projects that will also further my mission statement.

So, do you want to spend "A Day with J"?  To participate, send an email to JsEverydayFashion@gmail.com with the following information:

1. Location - Florida Mall, The Mall at Millenia/surrounding stores, OR The Prime Outlets (in Orlando, FL) are all options. Please pick one.
2. Date -  Please pick any day of the week (EXCEPT Sundays) in October or November, 2010. Iโ€™m happy to schedule a date further in advance, but those will need to be flexible, in case I find a new job.
3. Goal - To participate, you need to have a specific shopping goal. Examples of this can be: 1. Finding an outfit for a wedding, a charity event, a baby shower, or high school reunion. 2. Help finding skirts/pants/dresses that fit. 3. Help finding cute shoes/boots/flats. 4. Help vamping up your work or school wardrobe.
4. Budget - To participate, you need to have a shopping budget. This can be as little as $50, but you should have a specific number in mind.
5. Size - Please include your approximate size and height. Also feel free to send a picture of yourself, so I can see what colors might work for you and so I'll recognize you when we meet!
6. Closet - To get the most out of our trip, I also recommend that you email and/or bring along photos of what you already have at home. Not every single piece from your closet, but at least a group shot of your shoes, and any staples such as blazers and bottoms.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am! I can't wait to start shopping with you. :-)