Today's Everyday Fashion

Day #4 of our cruise was spent in Cozumel. These pictures are from the first beach we visited, Playa Mia. It was super tourist-y and not really our style. We still had a great time though - Rachel and I cruised around in a paddleboat (picture below)!

Fedora: Banana Republic, $20
Swim suit: H&M, $10
Sunglasses: H&M, $6

On the way back to the boat we stopped to take some goofy pictures...

For dinner that night I wore a "repeat outfit." (I totally repeat outfits, do you guys do that?)

Occasion: Dinner
Dress: Forever 21, $22
Belt: Gap, $40
Shoes: DSW/Chinese Laundry, $40
Necklace: Banana Republic, $18
Earrings: Banana Republic, $20
Clutch: Express, $10

I also loaned Rachel a dress to wear that night (Forever 21, $30). I am super-generous with my clothes, if you ever need to borrow something give me a call! :-)