Today's Everyday Fashion

I recently picked up this great bag at T.J. Maxx for $35. The problem is - it's not leather. A couple years ago, I decided that I wouldn't buy leatherette purses anymore. I wanted to look more grown up and upgraded to a leather bag. I actually only own two purses at this point - which might sound crazy to those of you who own tons of handbags, but my dilemma is that on a budget of $250/month, it's a big investment to purchase a leather purse since they usually start at $200 and go up. I absolutely love this T.J. Maxx bag, and it's only $35, but... it's not leather. I mean I really, really love it, but it's just not leather... and paired with my faux leather jacket I feel like I'm one big walking leatherette billboard. :-)

So, what's your take - is a leather handbag worth the splurge? Should I keep this purse or go for the gold?

Occasion: Casual Friday
Faux leather jacket: Forever 21, $40
Scarf: H&M, $13
Shirt: Elegantees, $20
Jeans: Gap, $44
Shoes: Aldo, $70
Purse: Nine West/Tj Maxx, $35
Photo left: My inspiration from!