Today's Everyday Fashion: The Sweater Cape

Anyone else super-excited that sweater capes are back in style? Not only are they adorable, but I think they are about the coziest thing around. (I could also be biased because I have two sweater capes, including this one, that I'm excited to pull out of storage!)

Photo left: My inspiration from
Middle photo: My re-creation of Dakota Fanning's look
Right photo: I recently figured out how to belt sweater capes (big surprise, I figured out how to belt something!). The key is to leave the back open and just strap the front of the sweater to your waist! Which way do you prefer the sweater?

Occasion: Shopping, traveling, many a holiday activity
Sweater cape: Gap
Pants: TJ Maxx, $17 (recent purchase with my gift card)
Belt: H&M
Boots: Aldo, $75