Today's Everyday Fashion: Brazilian Moda

Today's Everyday Fashion is brought to you by Brazilian Moda. I recently teamed up with them to create 3 examples of how you can easily transition your workout clothes into a cute outfit for running errands. Check out their site, and receive 15% off your purchase with code JFASHIONBLOG!

Which look is your favorite?

Extra long top with unique back, $58
Supplex basic capri, $56
How I did it: This look is perfect for days when you didn't sweat a lot and are running out the door. Just throw on a hooded sweater over your shirt (way cuter than a hooded sweatshirt) and switch out your gym shoes for some fuzzy boots. You instantly look comfy chic!

Supplex Long Tank with criss-cross back, $46
Supplex basic capri, $56
How I did it: After a super-sweaty workout, I always recommend removing your shirt to prevent breakouts. But don't just throw on a ratty old t-shirt. Step up your game by wearing an inexpensive graphic t-shirt from Forever 21 or Gap. Throw on an army jacket for more coverage, and boots to brave the snow!

Supplex Long Top cut on the sides, $48
Supplex Pants with belt loop and pockets, $85
Touch Light Second Skin Tank, $29 (on sale)
Mesh Sleeveless Vest with Hoodie, $60
How I did it:  I changed out of my sweaty shirt and into a printed top from Brazilian Moda. This top is the perfect cross between workout clothes (so you don't mind if it gets sweaty) and streetwear (looks cute enough for errands). I also threw on a vest from Brazilian Moda (second picture), and snow boots and a puffer jacket (third picture).

Check out my video below to see how I transition into this look in just over a minute!

Disclaimer: clothes that are from Brazilian Moda are listed below each picture, and do not belong to me. I chose a couple items to keep for future use, and any items not listed are my regular 'ole clothes. See my disclosure policy for more info.