Today's Everyday Fashion: The Yellow Shoes

Okay, so this outfit is a very loose interpretation of my inspiration photo (from J.Crew, left). Her look is work, mine is weekend - but I used the same color palette, which I am seriously loving (periwinkle, olive, khaki and yellow). Here is my conundrum though - I recently picked up these yellow heels from TJ Maxx for $25 (used my gift card). I can't decide if I really, really love or totally and completely hate them (trust me, it's a complicated world in my head).

What's your take - should I keep the yellow shoes?

Photo left: The inspiration for my color palette from
Jacket: Gap, $25
Sweater: Gap
Belt: American Eagle/Filene's Basement, $5
Cargos: TJ Maxx, $17
Shoes: TJ Maxx/Bandolino, $25 (can't decide if I love or hate!)
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5