Fabulous Finds

The day-after-Christmas sales have come and gone, but now is still a great time to find deals at the mall. Case in point:

1. Zara shirt, $19.99. (orig. $39.99) This shirt looks almost identical to a $35 H&M shirt I returned a few months ago. Cheaper and a better fit = win.
2. Gap jeans, $15. (orig. $70) Who else is excited that flares are back in style?! Note: these go for $59.99 online. Remember what I always say about prices being better in the store? Yeah, that couldn't be more true here. I don't make these things up.
3. Forever 21 earrings, $6. Keeping with the theme of me not being able to turn down things that are sparkly, I had to take these faux diamond beauties home with me!