Review of

I have spent the past year drooling over the items on, a United Kingdom retailer. They stock some of the most unique special occasion dresses I have ever seen and when items go on sale the prices are amazing! The company announced that they "moved" to the US in September and with that came free shipping in both directions. I decided to stop drooling and finally placed my first order a couple weeks ago. Here's what I learned:

1. Shipping: Shipping is free in both directions, but it is slow. Like really slow. I'm used to ordering from Forever 21, and they move at a snail's pace but ASOS was way worse. Expect a long wait time if you order (up to two weeks).
2. Quality: I ordered two sale skirts for $20 and $25 (one is pictured above). For the price, the pieces were great quality! Way better than I was expecting, way better than Forever 21. I felt like the prices were great for the quality of the items.
3. Sizing: The sizing is WAY off. This part almost brought me to tears. I ordered a size up *just to be safe* and the skirts are still way too small. This is great news if you are a petite person who wears a 000, but if you are normally in the larger numbers at the Gap, then you might have to skip this website. (For reference, I wear a size 2 in bottoms at Gap/Banana/LOFT/Abercrombie. I ordered a US size 4 in the skirt above, and a US size 6 in another skirt because it was Petite. BOTH are way tiny on me and I can't even zip them up.)
4. Foreign Transaction Fee: This is another part of the experience i really could have lived without. My credit card charged me a foreign transaction fee for ordering from them. This part confused me since they are supposed to be located in the US now? Luckily, when I return the skirts this should get refunded but it was still a bummer to see this on my credit card statement! (Note: my charge was $3 for a $45 order, but this varies by credit card provider and is a charge from them, not ASOS.)

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed. I probably won't order again unless I'm really desperate for one of their special occasion dresses, which I will order at least two sizes larger than normal. :-)