Today's Everyday Fashion: The Company Party

Every year the hub's company throws a huge (400 people) party at lovely resort in Washington D.C. This is my fourth year attending, and we always have so much fun! (probably because I have the best date ever) I turned to an oldie but a goodie for my dress. It is the most expensive item I own. I purchased it two summers ago for a wedding and never looked back. After all, a. it will (probably) never go out of style and b. makes my zero curve body look like Marilyn Monroe - sometimes that extra money is totally worth it! :-)

Why this works: For a company party or wedding, pick one part of your body to show off. Here I chose my upper body - the long skirt balances all the skin I'm showing up top. This type of bustier dress is great for small-busted women like me, but would be too much (or not enough, rather) for a larger bust.

Dress: Guess by Marciano, $200
Belt: Express (came with another dress)
Necklace: c/o Stella & Dot
Purse: TJ Maxx/Juicy Couture, $70
Shoes: Marshalls/Guess, $30

A few drinks and much dancing later... :-)