smartwater + Brink magazine

J's smartwater ad in Brink magazine

I recently teamed up with smartwater to re-create one of their iconic Jennifer Aniston ads. She is the most beautiful woman alive and I have always loved the ads she did with them. This picture does make me chuckle, though. For one, I'm not wearing a shirt. For two, I'm not smiling and I always smile. I was trying to achieve her look though - I used a self-timer and a tripod and this was the first take, not too shabby, right? ;-)

Along with my blog post on how to transition workout gear, this smartwater ad was published in the most recent issue of Brink magazine! I was so excited when I saw it - I love Brink and smartwater and I just wanted to say "thank you!" Love, J.

Black Supplex Pants: c/o Brazilian Moda
Black/Pink Sports bra: c/o Brazilian Moda

J' s blog post in Brink magazine