Today's Everyday Fashion: The Staycation

Yesterday was day #1 of my Orlando staycation. I have friends in town and we had planned to hang out Friday/Saturday but... a flight got screwed up and it wound up being Thursday/Friday. Our first night was spent hanging out on Park Ave (a street full of cute restaurants, shops and bars). Since it was in the mid-80's I dressed light and broke out my new shoes. (I've had them since before Christmas but haven't worn them yet!)

Today we are headed to Disney - my first time EVER and I am sooo excited! I've never been anxious to go, but now that we are going I'm super-duper looking forward to it. I'll do a "Flashback Friday" post this weekend, but excuse me while I unplug from the internet today and tap into my inner child at the happiest place on earth! ;-)

Inspiration photo:
Occasion: Dinner and drinks
Shirt: Forever 21, $18
Pants: TJ Maxx, $18
Necklace: H&M, $10
Shoes: Aldo, $50
Cardigan: Banana Republic, $14
Purse: Juicy Couture/Neiman Marcus Last Call, $115
Watch: Michael Kors, Christmas present
Bracelets: Forever 21, $8