Today's Everyday Fashion: The Visitors

Another day, another night we have friends in town. I swear, Orlando is THE place to live if you want to see your faraway friends because they will always come to visit! :-) Last night we headed to Downtown Disney to hang out with friends who were in town. It's still pretty warm, but I packed a jacket just in case. The place was packed, and we had dinner at the House of Blues, then walked around and looked at some of the shops. I love that you can have a slice of the Disney experience without paying to go to the parks!

Why this works: The lace top is super-girlie and a tad dressy so I purposely picked "rough" pieces to pair it with. Worn-in jeans, an army jacket and sandals resembling work boots did just the trick! :-)

Occasion: Downtown Disney
Jacket (left): Gap, $22
Shirt: Charlotte Russe, $20
Jeans: American Eagle, $33
Shoes: Aldo, $50
Necklaces: LOFT $15, c/o Stella & Dot
Purse: Juicy Couture/Neiman Marcus Last Call, $115
Watch: Michael Kors, Christmas present
Bracelets: Banana Republic, $10-15