J's Wedding Dress Picks


My friend Stafford recently got engaged (yay!) and asked for some help finding a dress. I immediately went to Priscilla of Boston, which is my favorite bridal line and I also love that the website shows you the price of the dress + a video of a model walking in it. As I selected dresses to show her, I noticed some trends:

1. Frothy
I'm loving all the super-feminine, whispy details of these dresses! (above) If I was getting married today, I would totally rock this style, but I'm guessing these will be a little too "sweet" for my friend Stafford.

Unique necklines

2.  Unique necklines
Stafford specified that she doesn't want strapless, which is a good thing because so many dresses now are featuring straps! Check out the unique necklines on these awesome dresses.


3. Pockets
Even without the pockets, these dresses are gorgeous, but the pockets do add a certain chicness, no? Overall, these were my #1 pick for Stafford based on body type and her preferences. I think the second one has her name written all over it!

Congrats Stafford! I'm so honored to be a part of your big day in November! Now we just need to work on finding cute bridesmaid dresses. ;-)