My February Budget

There's so much that goes into creating a well-rounded closet that I could literally fill up a book (<-- I'm working on one of those right now). I thought I'd at least show you how I used my budget this month and how I made decisions on what to buy. This post does come with one disclaimer though: I am quite finicky, so it's possible that I might return something! ;-) For now, here is what February looks like for me: 

Overall: I have spring fever and color was on my mind! I also allocated a big chunk of my budget to bottoms. I never feel like I have enough, so that's an area of my closet I wanted to work on. 

Top Row: It's rare to see pencil skirts in unique colors like these, so I immediately jumped at the chance to buy these two. Bottoms were also a high priority this month, which is why I spent almost half my budget on these two items alone. 

Middle Row: Accessories are my weakness. I have plenty of belts and jewelry but I just couldn't pass up these unique, colorful extras and their amazing prices! 

Bottom Row: A mixture of tops for many occasions. The cardigan and silky shirts will work for professional and casual situations alike, and the neon pink t-shirt is perfect for summer errands.
  1. LOFT aqua pencil skirt, $55
  2. Limited magenta pencil skirt, $35
  3. Gap pink belt, $10
  4. Forever 21 turquoise necklace, $8
  5. Charlotte Russe green necklace, $9
  6. American Eagle blue belt, $15
  7. H&M blue cardigan, $18
  8. Gap olive shirt, $10
  9. LOFT coral/camel shirt, $20
  10. American Eagle neon t-shirt, $12                 = Grand Total, $192

Note: prices differ online because I bought all of these items in the store (where they are usually cheaper). I also shopped during President’s Day weekend while many stores were having promotions.