Today's Everyday Fashion: My New Obsession!

I'm so excited to share my new obsession with you guys: a website called It's packed full of brand-name clothes, most under $15. You can think of it as shopping at a TJ Maxx-type-store online! It almost seems too good to be true, so thankfully the folks at MJR let me try it out so I could share my experience with you guys.

What I got (left to right, below):
1. Moda short sleeve tunic top, $11.60
2. Famous Catalog embellished front bikini top, $13.60
3. Moda v-neck tank dress, $11.99
4. Famous Catalog open shoulder tunic top, $13.83
5. Famous Catalog open shoulder tunic top, $13.83

Here are my tips for shopping
- It works like eBay. Each listing is for ONE, single item. If they have more than one (and in other sizes), then they will be listed separately.
- Read each description carefully - some items may have smudges or small stains, but they do a great job of providing all the info so you won't be surprised when you receive it! In general I think they "under promise, over deliver" because I've always been pleasantly surprised and/or unable to even find the marks they were referring to. Items have always been better than I expected.
- There are thousands of listings, which can be overwhelming. Use the menu on the left to narrow things down. For starters, you will want to select the "Size Type" - either Regular or Plus, which will usually narrow your search by half. I also prefer to view things by category - so I will select "tops & blouses" then "Regular" (under Size Type), which narrows the search to only 10 or so pages. To view shoes, I select only the size(s) that I wear. Keep in mind that you can select as many sizes as you would like at one time. (Wait for it to load, then select another size.)
- The best stuff sells out within a day or two, so be sure to check the "New Arrivals" section regularly! That is definitely where I find the best deals.
- Some items are "pre-owned," but that usually just means that someone ordered the item, then returned it.
- Famous Catalog = Victoria's Secret and Famous Mall Brand = Express, they just can't say that. :-)
- When it says without tags, it means price tags but also usually part of the tag inside the shirt has also been cut-out.
- Shipping is usually $2 per item, so consider that when making decisions.
- Read the return policy. MJR charges a re-stocking fee for items, and in most cases you will also have to pay for return shipping. Choose wisely and only order items you are sure you want to keep.

Check out how I wore some of my new stuff in Miami this weekend! Left: my roadtrip outfit. Right: hanging out on South Beach!