Flashback Friday: Tribal Skirt

[Click the photo to view it larger.] At first glance, there are a limited number of things you can wear with a patterned skirt (Limited, $30 from July 2010). I think most people's first instinct is to wear the most obvious solid color on top (in this case, black) and leave it at that. But a patterned skirt can be way more versatile than you think! I love the idea of pairing a black and ivory skirt with browns and olive, mustard and red, pops of turquoise or even an attempt at mixing prints (last photo). I also think this skirt would look great with a bright blue cardigan (a la this look). Which look is your favorite? What are your favorite colors to pair with black and white/ivory?

Shopping tips: Looking for a similar skirt? Try this one from The Limited. Leave your finds in the comment section and I'll add them to the post!