My March Budget

It may still be spring, but hot weather is already upon us in Central Florida and I'm craving pink (as seen here in my Spring Shopping Guide) and items I can wear when the temperatures are on the rise. Here's what I bought with my $100 March budget:

1. Hot pink linen shorts to satisfy my craving for pink. Perfect for hot summer days. (Forever 21, $15)
2. Hot pink shirt to further satisfy my craving for pink. Planning to pair this with white jeans and turquoise jewelry. (Banana Republic, $30, I used coupons)
3. Orange dress because I don't own a ton of dresses. I also love that it's a blank slate that can be dressed up or down. (Forever 21, $18)
4. Sparkly bracelets because I'm addicted to jewelry. And spikes. (Forever 21, $20)
5. Rainbow dress because I don't own a ton of dresses and I love rainbows. Perfect for a soccer game and/or margaritas with the girls. (Forever 21, $20)

Grand Total = $103

On my wish list:
1. Jean shorts that are long enough to wear with heels. (American Eagle, $30)
2. A colorful necklace that will go great with the orange dress above. (JcPenney, $25)

A note about my budget: You may have noticed that in several places I disclose that my monthly clothing budget is $250/month. That was my budget for many years while I was working full-time. Since my job ended in October, my budget has fluctuated, but it's usually between $100-150. I also sometimes accept free clothing from companies, but I try to keep those items within a total monthly budget. I don't make money from this blog, so the money I save on clothes each month is one way I'm able to keep J's Everyday Fashion going! :-)