Today's Everyday Fashion: The Mascot

I'm declaring this outfit the "mascot" for J's Everyday Fashion. Why? Because it's the same color blue and it's zebra print, just like I use in my blog header! <--- I'm probably a nerd for noticing this, but this is how my brain works. :-)

Styling tips: I love how the blue belt really makes this outfit. If you are already wearing belts, take it up a notch and try a colorful belt for fun! Bright colors look great with black and white neutrals like these.

Inspiration photo: Nordstrom
Dress: Moda, c/o MJR, $27 (check out the MJR Sales $50 giveaway in the next blog post!)
Cardigan: H&M, $18
Belt: American Eagle, $15
Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross, $20
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5