6 Clothing Items You Can Repurpose Now

When budgets are tight, what’s a girl do to make her closet stretch? You can make your closet work for you by using items in new ways and doubling their use. Here are six items that you can repurpose now!

1. Wear a dress as a shirt: Is your closet full of sundresses that only get used on the weekends? Or special occasion dresses that are reserved solely for nighttime events? Don’t let them sit in your closet anymore, because dresses can make great work blouses. Simply layer them under a skirt with enough volume to hide the bottom of the dress, and you’ve suddenly expanded your blouse collection!

Dress (left): Target, $40
Dress (right): H&M, $14

Just like J:
1. Sparkle & Fade Linen Pull-On Skirt, $54 at Urban Outfitters
2. Forever 21 Dreamy Springtime Skirt, $17.80

2. Fake a dress: Do you wish you had a white or black dress in your closet? Try creating one using a monochromatic shirt and skirt instead. It gives the illusion of a dress without having to buy anything new!

White skirt: Banana Republic, $35

Just like J:
1. The Limited Sateen Pencil Skirt, $49.90
2. Halogen Cotton Sateen Pencil Skirt, $59 at Nordstrom

3. Wear swimwear for day: Intricate swim cover-ups are simply too pretty to be reserved for the pool. Pair your detailed swim cover-ups with a pencil skirt for work, or over some skinny jeans for a casual day of errands!

Cover-up (left): H&M, $10
Cover-up (right): Forever 21, $30

Just like J:
1. Victoria’s Secret Paisley Cover-Up, $68
2. Victoria’s Secret Gold Bead V-Back Tie-Dye Dress, $49.50

4. Wear a brooch as a necklace: Get twice the use out of your brooches by looping a chain through them and wearing them as a necklace! Easy to do, and your pretty brooches will get the wear they deserve.

Brooch (left): Banana Republic, $20
Brooch (right): Boutique in Kansas

Just like J:
1. missgaylee Shoulder Sitting Green Eyed Panther Brooch, $19.50 on Etsy
2. 2028 Brooch Red Crystal Flower, $25 at Macy’s

5. Wear a dress as a skirt: Don’t have a black skirt? A black dress will work in a pinch! Don’t be afraid to layer a shirt or sweater over your dresses to wear them as skirts. It completely changes the look of your dress and eliminates the need to buy a new skirt! 

Dress (left): The Unique Closet, $40
Shirt (left): TJ Maxx, $15
Dress (right): H&M, $18
Sweater (right): H&M, $15

Just like J:
1. The Unique Closet Zip Me Strapless Zippered Pocket Dress, $39.50
2. ASOS Lace Dress with Peter Pan Collar, $83.09

6. Replace the self-tie: One of the quickest ways to give your old pieces a new look is by replacing the “self-tie” (the piece of fabric that comes with coats, dresses, shirts and ties around the waist) with a real belt. I looped a leather belt through the loops of my sweater, and even switched out the tie in a winter coat!

Coat (left): Banana Republic, $125
Belt (left): Filene’s Basement, $5
Sweater (right): Banana Republic, $30
Belt (right): H&M, $20

Just like J:
1. American Eagle Cinched Leather Belt, $29.50
2. Ann Taylor LOFT Chevron Beaded Belt, $34.50

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