Flashback Friday: Cropped Khakis

I have always hated dress pants. I don't know if it's the fabric, the fit, or both, but they have always bored me to tears. I spent years of my corporate life searching for unique fabrics or colors to punch things up, but it wasn't until I found this pair from Banana Republic (for only $14!) that I truly fell in love with a pair of dress pants (meaning, something fancier than jeans). I know a lot of women struggle with loving dress pants, and I always use these pants as an example. A fun, unique fit (pleated top, cropped/skinny bottom, high-wasited, wide legs, for example) can be a great way to have fun with dress pants!

Shopping tip: Try looking for a unique fit for your work pants at stores like Urban Outfitters, ASOS or Zara. My picks:

1. Urban Outfitters, $59
2. ASOS, $53
3. ASOS, $62
4. Gap, $60
5. Forever 21, $18