Today's Everyday Fashion: Office Dress Codes

Every time I post an office look I wonder what you guys wear to work. Dress codes vary so widely between offices, it's difficult to generalize what outfits might work for you. If you job is at an ad agency or magazine, it's likely that your dress code is very lax and today's look is too formal. If you work at a bank or attorney's office, then it's likely that today's outfit is a bit too risque. I've come up with a few guidelines that I think are universal for office jobs (sort of the "bare minimum" of what everyone should be doing). Feel free to weigh in on guidelines that you follow in the comment section, I'm interested to hear your thoughts!

J's office guidelines:
- Don't go strapless. I think that no matter how casual your office, if you work in an actual office building, it's not acceptable to wear a strapless dress or top. Go sleeveless - but the smallest I would go is a thick strap like in today's shirt.
- Don't go short. No matter how casual things are, I think it's best to keep things 2-3 inches above your knees, at the most. Shorts may be in style, but I wouldn't wear them to work unless they follow this rule, so most likely you'll need to go with a bermuda-style short.
- Pass on sleepwear. When it comes to sweatpants and hoodies - leave 'em at home. I think a v-neck t-shirt can be great for work, but I would tuck it into a pencil skirt, or dress it up with a statement necklace. I also think you can incorporate a sweater with a hood into your outfit, but again it should be dressed up with a collared shirt or another appropriate work piece. Overall, don't go so casual that you might be mistaken for 1. not caring about your job, or 2. that you are sleeping on the job!
- Get creative. Today's look is an example of how you can stay within these "modesty" guidelines, but still have fun! If you work in a creative environment, you can wear jeans, and fun details like a leopard shirt or spiked shoes. Don't feel like you have to give up on style and flare altogether. You should feel free to show plenty of personality, just keep it classy! ;-)

Inspiration photo: Who What Wear
Shirt: Express, $35
Belt: Forever 21, $5
Skirt: Express, really old
Shoes: Steve Madden/Ross, $20
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: Forever 21, $8
Earrings: c/o Mikel Maia