Today's Everyday Fashion: Scrapbook Originals

"Michie" dress

Today's Everyday Fashion is a special edition! The folks at Scrapbook Originals asked me to style a few of their pieces into cute outfits and I wanted to share the photos with you today. This adorable LA-based brand is sold at specialty boutiques and department stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom, but you can also buy their pieces directly from their Facebook page! I love the African print they use, plus tons of lace, bold hardware and other amazing details. This is definitely not your average line of clothes, and everything pictured is under $100. Check out the shopping section on their Facebook page by clicking here, and then click "New Items" to shop these pieces.

Please note: none of the Scrapbook Originals clothes in this post are mine. I borrowed them to take these photos, and then sent all of them back!

"Alexis" top

"Julia" dress

"Kami" top

"Natalie" top

Which one is your favorite?