4 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

Accessories are a great and inexpensive way to change up an outfit, and nothing has a more dramatic effect than a statement necklace. They first appeared in retail stores a few years ago, but their continued popularity is proof that they are here to stay! Not sure how to wear them? Here are four ideas for styling statement necklaces with what you already own.

1. With an open neckline. Open necklines such as v-necks are very flattering to many body types, but what should you do with all that empty space? Fill it up with some gorgeous jewelry, of course! A statement necklace adds texture, detail and even color to an open-neck look.
Necklace (left) Stella & Dot, $89
Necklace (center) Aldo, $20
Necklace (right) Stella & Dot, $198

Just like J:
1. Hive & Honey Wood Bead Drop Necklace, $42 at Piperlime
2. Stella & Dot Casablanca Bib Necklace, $89
3. Stella & Dot Metropolitan Mixed Necklace, $198

2. Over a collared shirt.  Do you feel boring in your collared shirts at work? Add a statement necklace around the outside of the collar to spice up your base and add sparkle and texture. You can think of it as a gorgeous necktie for girls!
Necklace (left) Stella & Dot, borrowed
Necklace (center) J.Crew, $45
Necklace (right) JCPenney, $20

Just like J:
1. Worthington Trend Stone Necklace, $14.99 at JCPenney
2. Hive & Honey Mixed Metal Knot Necklace, $25.99 at Piperlime
3. Stella & Dot Musette Necklace, $79

3. With a high neckline. High necklines like turtlenecks and bateaus make great foundations for a statement necklace. Layer one over your shirt or dress to create a fun color combo and make your necklace really pop.
Necklace (left) Stella & Dot, $198
Necklace (center) Stella & Dot, borrowed
Necklace (right) JCPenney, $9

Just like J:
1. Mixit Pearl Flower Necklace, $24.99 at JCPenney
2. Stella & Dot Charlotte Statement Necklace, $89
3. Zad Gold Tone Metal Bib Necklace, $31.99 at ShopItLA on ebay

4. With embellishments. It may seem like too much at first, but statement necklaces actually look great paired with other embellishments like ruffled collars or sequin tops. Give it a try today!
 Necklace (left) Banana Republic, $35
Necklace (center) Banana Republic, $30
Necklace (right) Banana Republic, $25

Just like J:
1. Mixit Shaky Motif Necklace, $24.99 at JCPenney
2. Tasha β€˜Electra’ Jeweled Bib, $48 at Nordstrom

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