Today's Everyday Fashion: Hot Momma

Kate Hudson is one hot momma in today's inspiration photo. She may have a bit of an unrealistic lifestyle for many of us, but I am still hoping to rock outfits like these (and have her gams) after I have babies someday. I may even carry around a toy as an accessory/paparazzi shield like she is. ;-)

Styling tips: I love the idea of an all-white outfit with a fun or neutral colored jacket over it. One thing that is tricky about it though: you can't take the jacket off or you will look like you are painting someone's house. So check the weather and plan accordingly!  I also bet you won't believe me, but I've had this jacket for at least 5 years. I thought I was over it and almost sold it recently. That is, until I saw Kate wearing one and had a change of heart. Fashion is fickle.

Inspiration photo: FabSugar
Jacket: The Limited, really old
T-shirt: Gap, $10
Belt: H&M, $20
Shorts: American Eagle, $25
Necklace: Banana Republic, $20
Shoes: Steve Madden "Riddgge" c/o MJR Sales, $40