Today's Everyday Fashion: Take My Picture

One of the most interesting things I've learned from blogging is how different something can look in a photo. I found this skirt at Ross recently for $8 and was so excited because a. $8 is a steal, and b. I thought it was really flattering. That's until I took a photo... You may or may not agree that this skirt is unflattering on me, but the point is that it looks totally different in a photo than it did when I looked at it in the mirror!! Not at all what I was expecting and I ultimately decided to return it. What I'm hoping we can learn from today's fail outfit:

1. Try taking a photo. Blogging has changed me forever - I will run home and take photos of my new purchases to make sure they fit well, probably for the rest of my life. Don't feel silly about doing this - especially if you are unsure of the fit on something, or if it's an important event such as engagement photos.

2. Return unwanted items. I am a big fan of returning something if you decide you don't love it. Of course, making smart choices while you're shopping is the better strategy, but if you don't wear something within the first 20 days or so, then I say don't be shy about returning it!

Tell me - Do you ever return items to the store? Have you ever had a clothing item look totally different in a photo than what you were expecting?

Cardigan: Gap (returned it)
Skirt: Ross, $8 (returned it)
Shirt: J.Crew, $20
Belt: Gap, $10 (recent)
Shoes: Guess via DSW, $20
Necklaces: c/o Stella & Dot