I Want You to Blog for Me! [now closed]

I'm taking a 2.5 week vacation in September and while I love you guys to death, I can't bring myself to blog while I'm on vacation. But don't fret! I've come up with a plan that will provide you with the same fun and fabulous content you are used to seeing, plus introduce you to 15 amazing, talented women. Here's an example of what it will look like:

I was inspired by Whitney Port's look, so I picked up this H&M striped blazer! I wore it for a casual Friday look at work and got tons of compliments! What do you wear for Casual Fridays?

Inspiration photo: FabSugar
Occasion: Casual Friday
Jacket: H&M $30
Shirt: Banana Republic $13
Jeans: Banana Republic $30
Shoes: Banana Republic $25
Earrings: Anthropologie $22
Bracelet: Banana Republic $15
Rings: Banana Republic $15, J. Crew $12

Check out Ashley's blog at X!  

So, essentially it will look exactly the same as my posts. Only it's you, not me. :-) Here's what I need: 
1. A head-to-toe photo of your FALL outfit (this will be posted in Sept!). The quality needs to be good enough that we can clearly see what you are wearing, including your shoes. You are also welcome to use an outfit that has already been published on your blog or elsewhere.
2. An inspiration photo and the source. I don't care what your process is - you can find this after you come up with the outfit! I found this one by Googling "striped blazer." I will glue your photos together for you.
3. A short blurb about your outfit (2-10 sentences).
4. Where you got everything, and prices if you remember them.
5. If you are blogger, I will add "visit Ashley's blog at X" at the bottom of the post! (X = a link to your blog) 

Submit your photos by August 20th to jseverydayfashion@gmail.com. The posts will go up Sept 5-20th. I will work with you to select a date because I would like you to interact with readers and answer questions on the day of your post! Ashley (one of my BFFs, in the photo above) will be available to delete inappropriate comments (not that I get many) and do any post maintenance while I'm away. 

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!!! Please blog for me!! :-)

ps. I chose an open call for guest bloggers versus emailing people individually because I wanted an equal opportunity for everyone! I may not know your blog yet but this is great time to introduce yourself!

UPDATE: I am totally honored (and a bit shocked) at the overwhelming response to this post! I closed this post due to the number of entries I already have, but I will not be making final selections until August 5th, so feel free to email me your ideas before then. Just wanted everyone know that I already have about 50 entries so not everyone will be published. Thanks everyone for helping out and giving me this vacation!