Today's Everyday Fashion: The Blogger Conference

I'm blogging live today from the Central Florida Blogger Conference! (I literally just snapped this photo.) I'm speaking at two sessions today and public speaking is one of my absolute favorite things so I wasn't nervous. That is... until I showed up and realized that there are at least a hundred people here, and I have to use a microphone. Now I'm nervous. :-) Wish me luck!!

Do you attend blog conferences? What are your favorite conferences you've attended?

Occasion: Speaker at the Central FL Bloggers Conference
Dress: Banana Republic, $60
Cardigan: Gap, $18
Belt: Gap, $10
Shoes: Restricted via, $40
Necklace: Aldo, $15
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: Forever 21, $8
Turquoise bracelet: Stella & Dot, $69

Speaking about my Facebook strategy

Hanging with other lovely bloggers
 Photos courtesy of MomJovi and Crazy Running Legs! Thanks ladies!