Today's Everyday Fashion: Fantasy or Real Life?

This outfit may look familiar (it's very similar to what I wore for my photo shoot with Layne Haley  here). A photo shoot is fantasy though, and I want to talk about how an outfit like this could work for real life. I like to say that you shouldn't leave the house in an outfit that could fit in at a costume party - and I think this look might be pushing those boundaries. On the other hand, though, 70's is such a huge trend and I have seen girls wearing headbands like this and they always look ah-dorable. Tell me what you think - does this work in real life? Would you wear a headband like this and where would you wear it?

Occasion: Music festival?
Inspiration photo: Express
Shirt: c/o MJR Sales, $14
Shorts: American Eagle, $25
Necklace: H&M, $8
Belt: Aberrombie, really old
Shoes: c/o Chinese Laundry
Headband: A 50 cent piece of leather from a craft store