Today's Everyday Fashion: Not-So-Simple

Imagine this outfit without accessories - no belt, necklace or purse. Boring, right? This is why I love the "extras" so darn much. It's almost a running joke how much I love belts, and my statement necklace collection is out of control, but it's not without reason! I'm a big believer that a budget-friendly wardrobe is full of these types of items because you can use them again and again to make your closet stretch way farther. Tell me - what is your favorite accessory - jewelry, purses, belts or something else?

Inspiration photo: Milly
Occasion: Work
Shirt: Banana Republic, $20
Skirt: Limited, $25
Belt: Gap, $12
Necklace: Shop It LA, $35
Shoes: Restricted via, $40
Purse: It's in the Bag, $62
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift