Today's Everyday Fashion: Crazy Pants

My friend Ashley recently inherited some seriously psychedelic clothing - electric blue velor, snakeskin prints, a shirt with a deck of cards theme, and these lovely green and blue pants. Lucky for me the pants fit perfectly so Ashley let me take them home with me. :-) The jury is still out on these puppies. At first I laughed hysterically when I saw them (I mean, they do go up to my belly button), but once I put on the long shirt and nude pumps I kind of like it! I am currently obsessed with watching Mad Men and it reminds me of something they would have worn. What do you guys think - are the crazy pants just plain crazy? Would you wear printed pants?

Shirt: J.Crew, $25
Pants: Vintage hand-me-down
Shoes: BCBG via Ross, $20
Earrings: c/o Mikel Maia

You can have your own crazy pants

1. Love Moschino pants via YOOK, $69
2. Topshop pants, $60
3. Forever 21 pants, $17.80