Today's Everyday Fashion: Goodbye to Rome

This day on our trip was by far the most challenging - fashion wise and travel wise. We spent the day in Rome, with a flight that evening to London (more on that city later!). A huge temperature change, and in general kind of a pain to do sightseeing in the first half of the day, and then travel at night (I don't really recommend it). At this point, the only warm weather clothes I had left is this shirt and skirt, even though I wasn't loving the combo. I brought a scarf with me to make my skirt longer in churches (see silly picture below, I borrowed the top scarf from the church) and I was fairly comfortable during the day sightseeing in Rome. When we got to the airport I took a few minutes in the bathroom to freshen up and get out my boots and coat to prepare for cold weather. It was a very weird sensation to get to London, where it was very chilly, in the same outfit I had previously sweated in all day, then pile on a wool coat and boots... see previous comment on why traveling is better in the morning. :-) I made it work though, and even managed to feel somewhat stylish entering London and navigating the train at night to our hotel. A fashion challenge for sure, but I think I conquered it! Have you ever been in a similar travel/fashion situation?

Shirt: Gap, $5
Skirt: H&M, $30
Belt: Gap, $15
Shoes: Michael Kors c/o Marshall's, $50
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $79
Necklaces: Stella & Dot
Wool coat (below): LOFT, $50
Boots (below): Bakers, $90

Rome: call me

Covering up with scarves in a church

Last shot of Rome (sniff)

On the train in London, many hours later