Today's Everyday Fashion: Guest Post

This is a guest post while J is away on vacation. Check out Lacie's blog, Leather and Lace!

Who was it that made up the rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day? Rude. Because a white maxi skirt is so unbelievably and perfectly versatile. And I feel like this skirt is just a good time, like fun is to be had whilst wearing it! I love that it's unexpected yet classic. This look is so boho-hippie-chic I dieeee! It's the perfect outfit for bumming around the Manhattan Beach Pier here in southern California (just don't eat chocolate covered almonds while wearing it like I did because I totally dropped one and it smeared a big embarrassing and suspicious dark brown streak right across the front of my skirt. gahhhahaha!) It's comfortable and so easy to girl Drew knows how to put an outfit together! Push the limits and break some fashion rules this fall....I promise you'll have fun doing it!

Inspiration photo:
Skirt: Gap, $10
Denim chambray button-up: H&M, $27.50
Belt: Wet Seal, $6
Earrings: Etsy via PixiEGlamouR, $27
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft, $29.50
Sandals (which you can't see): Nectar (local boutique), $20