Today's Everyday Fashion: Pennies on the Dollar

I'm going to a blogger meet-up tonight and this is what I'm wearing. I'm especially proud of this outfit because each one of the items in the inspiration photo cost more than what I spend on clothes in a year. (I'm guessing her jacket is Chanel, shoes look Balenciaga and bag is Hermes.) I love getting the same satisfaction from an outfit without the huge price tag! I think no matter how much money I have in life, I will always feel that way about getting a good deal. Do you agree - do you love the satisfaction of shopping for a bargain no matter your budget?

Speaking of money, today is the last day to vote for me to win $100k in the Cheap Sally contest. I'm neck-and-neck with another Florida resident, so would appreciate any votes you can send my way! And if I win, I will NOT be changing anything about the way I shop or blog. But I will have the freedom to stop worrying about money for a couple years, which is nice. ;-) Please vote here.

Inspiration photo: My Little Fashion Diary
Blazer: Victoria's Secret c/o MJR Sales, $28 (search term: Famous Catalog Strong Shoulder Blazer)
Shirt: Forever 21, $22
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, $25
Shoes: Colin Stuart c/o MJR Sales, $25
Purse: River Island, $60
Watch necklace: Westminster Abbey, $35
Chain necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $69

1. Forever 21 red blazer, $32.50
2. Victoria's Secret red blazer, $79.50 (exact same blazer I'm wearing, just at full price!)
3. Charlotte Russe red blazer, $39.50