Today's Everyday Fashion: Totally Genius

Maybe I'm just easily entertained, but the idea of putting a cargo vest over a leather jacket = genius!! Heck, the idea of putting anything over a leather jacket is genius to me. It never, ever would have occurred to me to layer something on top of a leather jacket. My brain is definitely more left than right, so I have a hard time thinking outside the box at times. It is days like these that make me love the internet and the fact we can share fashion ideas with each other, because I dig this look and think it's cute. :-) Am I living under a rock? Have you ever layered something over your leather jacket?

Inspiration photo: My Daily Style
Leather jacket: Banana Republic, $150
Vest: Banana Republic, $35
T-shirt: Gap, $10
Jeans: American Eagle, $35
Belt: Joe's Jeans c/o Marshall's, $20
Boots: Aldo, $75
Clock necklace: Westminster Abbey gift shop, $35
Chain necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $69

1. Forever 21 twill trench vest, $24.80
2. Dillards fur and suede vest, $85
3. Pink Mascara olive cargo vest, $57.20