Flashback Friday: Mustard Shirt

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"Thanks to you, I am now becoming obsessed with mustard - and I'm not talking about the kind I put on a sandwich!"- Carolyn, a Facebook fan. Well Carolyn, that might be due in part to me posting 10 looks with this mustard shirt (Gap, $30) in a year's time. It's almost embarrassing how much I wear/post outfits with it - I was afraid you guys might have started to notice? At any rate, here's a look back at all the combinations I've done with this shirt - starting with the winter/fall looks on top and the more summery looks down below. I've paired mustard with just about everything from neon brights to muted shades of brown. It truly is an "anything goes" kind of color. Do you love mustard? Which look is your favorite?

1. LOFT mustard shirt, $29.50
2. Rachel Roy mustard blouse, $79
3. Christian Michaels via Zappos mustard blouse, $39.99