Today's Everyday Fashion: The Long Journey

Sweater is brown, dress is gray, leggings are navy

A few things:
- I promise I will stop posting outfits with these boots for awhile. I only packed one carry-on suitcase, so I didn't have much room for variety in the footwear department this week!
- This was my outfit for the flight home yesterday. I added lots of layers - the sweater in the middle is super-thick and warm - to adjust for the changing climates as I traveled.
- It turns out that leggings are also a great idea for ice skating! I made an impromptu trip with my nephews before I hopped on a plane and was loving my stretchy pants. I almost bit it at one point and essentially did the splits. Stretchy pants are good for the splits.
- I still have no idea what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve. You?

Coat: Banana Republic, $130
Faux fur collar: H&M, $15
Dress: c/o Lamixx, $36
Sweater: Gap, old
Leggings: Victoria's Secret c/o MJR Sales, $4
Boots: Grifter c/o Chinese Laundry, $149
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Purse: Juicy Couture from Neiman Marcus Last Call, $115