Today's Everyday Fashion: Plaid Escape

I have newfound love for plaid this winter, and this Shopbop pic is one of my favorite inspirations of all time. Talk about looking chic while camping, geesh! I decided to give it my own spin for everyday wear. I think the key to not look like you are actually going camping is adding some girlie details, such as a sparkly necklace or heels. I would also wear this outfit with the boots from this post! Are you loving plaid this fall/winter? 

Inspiration photo: Shopbop
Shirt: American Eagle, $24 (recent)
Vest: Forever 21, $22
Cargos: Sanctuary Surplus from Nordstrom Rack, $40
Belt: H&M, $20
Necklace: JcPenney, $15
Shoes: c/o Express, $33

1. American Eagle plaid top, $39.50
2. Forever 21 plaid top, $17.80
3. American Eagle plaid top, $39.50