December/January Budget

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I went on a shopping SPREE yesterday. My biggest shopping trip to date, I spent my $100 budget for both December and January in one chunk, plus the $100 I planned to spend in the day-after-Christmas sales (I wound up spending zero that day). It turns out that the after-New-Year sale was much better than the day-after-Christmas sale, so I will plan accordingly for next year! Here's what I bought:

1. Limited shrunken velvet blazer, $60
2. H&M pink blazer, $37
3. Old Navy polka dot shirt, $20
4. Old Navy plaid shirt, $14
5. Banana Republic leopard pumps, $60
6. TJ Maxx jeans, $17
7. Limited pleated skirt, $25
8. Old Navy emerald belt, $13
9. Banana Republic earrings, $10
10. Banana Republic bracelet, $10
11. Stella & Dot necklace, $62

Grand Total = $328

1. This was a bit of a splurge for me, but I've been stalking this blazer for months, and it was the last one in the store. I love the schoolboy charm, and I will have it for years.
2. This hot pink blazer will be amazing for summer but I also have some ideas for wearing it in winter. It's also super-comfy.
3. Polka dots are my favorite trend for spring, so I'm getting a head start with this adorable shirt.
4. I'm craving plaid lately and love the simple pattern on this one to wear under blazers and sweaters.
5. Another "splurge", I have been hunting for leopard pumps for over a year and finally bit the bullet. These are mohair and just high enough of a heel, but not so high that they make the leopard look cheesy. Love 'em.
6. I found these jeans in Kansas and absolutely love them.
7. I'm loving pleated skirts; they are such a refreshing silhouette to my closet!
8. An emerald green belt is another item I've been hunting for for a long time, so I snapped this up as soon as I saw it!
9. I had similar earrings from Urban Outfitters that just broke so these are a replacement, and a great price to boot.
10. I've been on the hunt for more bracelets to wear with my watch and again the price on this one was too good to pass up.
11. I got a discount on this Stella & Dot necklace from doing my trunk show, but it still cost me a pretty penny. Absolutely adore this it though. Love the boho feel and it instantly dresses up a casual outfit!

I also bought these items with a c/o gift card:
1. Express blazer, $55
2. Express scarf, $15
3. Express hat, $12

Did you find any amazing deals in the after-holiday sales?