Today's Everyday Fashion: A Fresh Start

I apologize while I get a little *serious* on the blog today. I will be straight with you: it's been a rough few months. I think I lost my blogging mojo/ enthusiasm a little bit, and I honestly appreciate you sticking with me during this time. The good news is that I am SO pumped for 2012, it's not even funny. I have new ideas for J's Everyday Fashion, a new hair color, a website re-design on the way, and in general I plan on kicking butt and taking names. One genre of *new things* I'm kicking off today is my first post on blogging strategy (see below), which I'll be sharing more of throughout the year. I also plan to host more discussions on fashion - modesty is my first topic (coming soon!) and I love a good debate so get your keyboards ready ladies! ;-) I am so excited about 2012, so here's to a great year ahead.

About my outfit: is anything better than a J.Crew catalog? Nada. I have definitely re-created more looks from there than anywhere else, it's just so good. I wore this little getup to the mall on Tuesday for my shopping spree. Cute and comfy, what more can you ask for?

Inspiration photo: J.Crew
Sweater: Gap, old
Shirt: Forever 21, $18
Pants: Hwy Jeans c/o TJ Maxx, $18
Boots: Steve Madden Tanngoo from Endless, $47
Necklace: JcPenney, $15
Bracelets: Banana Republic, H&M
Ring: c/o Bakers

1. Kohl's plaid shirt, $14.40
2. Forever 21 plaid shirt, $17.80
3. Express plaid shirt, $49.90